Thursday, September 11, 2014

#NYFW street style photobook

Hello !
This week was the first week from the fashion weeks and it was in New York. I decided to do a street style photo book at the end of each fashion week for inspirations. Here you go, Enjoy! 
مثل ما تعرفوا الأسبوع الماضي كان اول أسبوع موضه و الي كان في نيويورك. قررت اعمل البوم كل نهاية أسبوع للستريت ستايل. و هذا البوم اول أسبوع. أتمنى ان يعجبكم



















Photos where taken from diffrent fashion blogger and Instagramers. Hope you love it ����
الصور مأخوذة من مدونين موضه مختلفين و انستجرامرز. أتمنى عجبتكم الصور ����

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My review 1.6: June beauty shopping from Sephora

Hello ladies ! 
Today's review is going to be about some beauty products I got from Sephora ( To my Omani readers, we don't have it here. You can go to Dubai as the closest place). 

Here are the products I got : 

These are all from my favorite makeup brand Benefit: 

First of all we have "eyes it's potent!" 

I been having bad dark circles under my eyes and dryness that causing lines under my eyes. I heard good reviews about this product from different beauty bloggers. Even the girl who was working there told me that it really helped her. 
1- it smells really good 
2- it's so moisturizing 
3- I uses it 2 times a day and before applying makeup
I will review it again after one month to see the difference.    

Secondly, we have "erase paste" as an eyes concealer and brighter. 

I use number 2 for my skin color 


I used it before and I loved it. It really covers the dark circles under my eyes But it smells weird. For me I really don't care about the smell and what I love about this product is that it stayed with me for a really long time and doesn't finish so fast.   

Thirdly we have the " hello flawless" powder

I use champagne
Tip: for Arabs this color is the best for us because we have a yellowish skin colors and we need pinkish to brighten our skin. 

This product I been using it for +2 years now and it has been my favorite since. When ever I go to Dubai I get a stock for my self. I use it with hello flawless oxygen wow for a better coverage but for my daily outings I use it after face moisturizer or primer.  

"Dallas" blusher:

  First time using it ! It gives a natural look and it smells SO GOOD 

Finally, we have " fling thing" lipstick from hydra smooth lip color: 

I got it as my daily makeup look. It's so moisturizing and it gives a natural look. What I don't love about this lipstick is that it's doesn't stay for a long time.  

One more thing I got is a perfume from Rochas Paris: 



I simply loved it ! It has a different smell that I don't know how to describ. 

That's all for this post, for any questions or comments go ahead and write it in the comments section below. 
I will write my Arabic review on my Instagram page @Anwaarintheblue 

Anwaar in the blue ��       

Thursday, April 17, 2014

My review 1.5: latest makeup purchases

Hello ladies, 
And I am back with my reviews ! This time I am going to introduce you to my top fav makeup products that I Been re buying for the last two years. 

First we have the "hello flawless" foundation from Benefit. 

What I love about this foundation that it's so light on the skin, blends easily with my skin color and it contains SPF. I am using champagne.

Secondly we have the liquid blusher for the lips and the cheeks, 

I got " lolli tint" recently from their newest collection Which I love BTW. It's a purple color and so far it has been my fav spring color spacially for the lips. 

I been re buying their diffrent colors and I love them all. 
From left to right: poise tint more of a pink color, bene tint which is the red and the lolli tint the purple one. 


It's one of the best seller Mascaras in the world. I use it for my daily look without any eyeliner and I really love the natural look it gives me. So thick and long ;) 

Last one is the "Magic ink" eyeliner, 

Simply, it stays longer and gives me that thin or thick look that I want depending on the mood and the outing.   

That's all for this post, for more questions or any comments go ahead and comment under. 



Sunday, April 13, 2014

How & كيف to wear it: How to style your Army Shirt ��

Hay my fashion blog readers, 

The main peace of today's post is the army shirt, will post 3 diffrent looks for how to style it. 


Look 1: 

This look is more of an edgy/street style Look. I loved to use the statement necklace with the T-shirt. 

Shirt: Zara Traf 
T-shirt: Bershka 
Jeans: Zara
Heels: charleskeith
Watch: fossil 

Look 2: 

I changed the look by adding the boots heels (Bershka)  and the striped shirt ( Zara) 

Look 3:

This is more of a girls night out look, the most girly look out of the three. 

Heels: Stradivarius 
Leather jeans: Bershka 
Statement : new look 

P.S: you can find the army shirt from ( Zara, Stradivarius and forever 21) 

That's all for this post, how you loved it ��