Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My review 1.6: June beauty shopping from Sephora

Hello ladies ! 
Today's review is going to be about some beauty products I got from Sephora ( To my Omani readers, we don't have it here. You can go to Dubai as the closest place). 

Here are the products I got : 

These are all from my favorite makeup brand Benefit: 

First of all we have "eyes it's potent!" 

I been having bad dark circles under my eyes and dryness that causing lines under my eyes. I heard good reviews about this product from different beauty bloggers. Even the girl who was working there told me that it really helped her. 
1- it smells really good 
2- it's so moisturizing 
3- I uses it 2 times a day and before applying makeup
I will review it again after one month to see the difference.    

Secondly, we have "erase paste" as an eyes concealer and brighter. 

I use number 2 for my skin color 


I used it before and I loved it. It really covers the dark circles under my eyes But it smells weird. For me I really don't care about the smell and what I love about this product is that it stayed with me for a really long time and doesn't finish so fast.   

Thirdly we have the " hello flawless" powder

I use champagne
Tip: for Arabs this color is the best for us because we have a yellowish skin colors and we need pinkish to brighten our skin. 

This product I been using it for +2 years now and it has been my favorite since. When ever I go to Dubai I get a stock for my self. I use it with hello flawless oxygen wow for a better coverage but for my daily outings I use it after face moisturizer or primer.  

"Dallas" blusher:

  First time using it ! It gives a natural look and it smells SO GOOD 

Finally, we have " fling thing" lipstick from hydra smooth lip color: 

I got it as my daily makeup look. It's so moisturizing and it gives a natural look. What I don't love about this lipstick is that it's doesn't stay for a long time.  

One more thing I got is a perfume from Rochas Paris: 



I simply loved it ! It has a different smell that I don't know how to describ. 

That's all for this post, for any questions or comments go ahead and write it in the comments section below. 
I will write my Arabic review on my Instagram page @Anwaarintheblue 

Anwaar in the blue ��       

Thursday, April 17, 2014

My review 1.5: latest makeup purchases

Hello ladies, 
And I am back with my reviews ! This time I am going to introduce you to my top fav makeup products that I Been re buying for the last two years. 

First we have the "hello flawless" foundation from Benefit. 

What I love about this foundation that it's so light on the skin, blends easily with my skin color and it contains SPF. I am using champagne.

Secondly we have the liquid blusher for the lips and the cheeks, 

I got " lolli tint" recently from their newest collection Which I love BTW. It's a purple color and so far it has been my fav spring color spacially for the lips. 

I been re buying their diffrent colors and I love them all. 
From left to right: poise tint more of a pink color, bene tint which is the red and the lolli tint the purple one. 


It's one of the best seller Mascaras in the world. I use it for my daily look without any eyeliner and I really love the natural look it gives me. So thick and long ;) 

Last one is the "Magic ink" eyeliner, 

Simply, it stays longer and gives me that thin or thick look that I want depending on the mood and the outing.   

That's all for this post, for more questions or any comments go ahead and comment under. 



Sunday, April 13, 2014

How & كيف to wear it: How to style your Army Shirt ��

Hay my fashion blog readers, 

The main peace of today's post is the army shirt, will post 3 diffrent looks for how to style it. 


Look 1: 

This look is more of an edgy/street style Look. I loved to use the statement necklace with the T-shirt. 

Shirt: Zara Traf 
T-shirt: Bershka 
Jeans: Zara
Heels: charleskeith
Watch: fossil 

Look 2: 

I changed the look by adding the boots heels (Bershka)  and the striped shirt ( Zara) 

Look 3:

This is more of a girls night out look, the most girly look out of the three. 

Heels: Stradivarius 
Leather jeans: Bershka 
Statement : new look 

P.S: you can find the army shirt from ( Zara, Stradivarius and forever 21) 

That's all for this post, how you loved it ��

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How & كيف to wear it: how to style your plain 3abaia with colored scarves

       Hello !

So lately girls been asking me for a post about how to style their 3abaiat. This post is going to be about how to wear your colored scarf and styling it the right way. 



This is my everyday simple good to go 3abaia. 

First look : 




Tip: go for colors ( depending on the season), style it with colored Jeans and black or silver Bag OR black jeans and colore bog ! 

Second look :


Tip: make sure to mix the right colors when you pick animal printed scarves. 

Third look :


Tip: it's always nice to go for printed with a plain scarf but make sure you are mixing the right colors 

Last look:


My fav look, I just love neon colors scarves  they lighten you skin color and give you a happy look. 

That's all for this post, hope you got some good tips/style looks. Always try to keep me updated with what do you want me to write next.  



Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How & كيف to wear it : A striped T-shirt in 5 different looks

Hay hay !

Lately I been inspired by the black & white striped T-shirt and I thought why not give it a try to come up with 5 diffrent looks for diffrent occasions, so here you go and I hope you love them ❤️


First look : 

Denim shirt : Stradivarius 
Jeanse : Zara 
Statement Necklace : new look 
Bag : sembonia 

Second look : 

Jeans: Zara
Cardigan: Bershka 
Flats: new look 

Third look : 

Skirt : koton
Flats: Zara
Statement necklace: new look 

Fourth look: 

Jeans : Bershka 
Bag: river island 

Last look : 

Everything from Bershka 

3abaya tips: 

 - if you wearing 3abaya you can go for a plain or simple designed 3abaya one pick (red, blue, white, pink) bag and show the sleeves of the at-shirt 
- For open 3abaya go with the jeans colors I matched up and you can use pink too. 
- for colored shaila you can go for (red, blue, white, pink) ,plain once better. 

That's all for this post, you can tell me your ideas or comments under. For more fashion tips follow my Instagram page @anwaarintheblue ��


Sunday, March 2, 2014

My review 1.4 : my favorite lipsticks ����

Long time Right? Okay now that I am back I have this Awesome instragrame trend, where bloggers post their fav beauty products for 30 days.

Day one: favorite lipsticks 
I generally use 3 main brands which are Mac,benefit and makeup forever. So here my review for fav lipsticks. 


Form left to right 
 1- rebel 
2- kinda sexy
3- diva 
4- chili 

The above one called : wanna ? 
Second on the left : rock pop 
On the right : Lala land 

From left to right : 

And the winner is ......

These three colore from Mac because it's to hard to choose from them :( 

Left to right
Rebel-deiva- chili 
If you really like any of the colors you should go and try it first, because usually it looks different on you depending on the skin color tone.   

Hope you loved this post